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Welcome to MVES!

The Monta Vista Environmental Science Club is dedicated to raising awareness of climate issues, spreading knowledge of environmental science, and calling for environmental actions! :)


Meetings are every other Monday during lunch in Room C201 starting September 20th. We hope to see you there!


Slide down to learn more about us.

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meet our tem

Iona Xia

B7FE729C-755F-4A0F-B037-279A6893F99C 2 - Iona Xia.JPEG


Hi! I'm Iona, a senior, and I'm the President this year. I joined MVES because I've always been interested in Environmental Science/Studies, and I'm very passionate about climate change. I hope to inspire others in order to change the world.

Darren Chiu

Darren PFP.png


Hello. I am Darren, and this year, I am one of the VPs for the MVES club. I joined this club because I find biology and environmental science fascinating, and climate change and biodiversity loss are very pressing issues that must be solved soon! I hope to help solve these problems with the MVES club through education and advocacy.

Elise Chiu

Elise PFP.jpg


Hey everyone! I'm Elise, a VP of MVES this year. I joined MVES in my freshman year and have continued to participate in environmental activism since then. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Anusha Sainarayanan

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 11.15.47 AM.png

Marketing Director

Hello! I'm Anusha and I will be the Marketing Director for MVES this year! I joined this club because I was doing a science project that was Environmental Science-based and I decided to go to Genius Olympiad with that same project. Something that I find particularly intriguing is climate change and I am excited for all the things coming this year! :)) 

Nikhila Rao

Nikhila Pic.png

Competitions Officer

Hey everyone, I’m Nikhila and I’ll be your competitions coordinator this year. I mainly joined this club because I noticed the lack of interest Monta Vista students have regarding the environment. I wanted to get more people interested in environmental science, so I became an officer. I’m really excited for the activities we have planned for this year!

Charlotte Zhou

Charlotte Pic.png


Hi! I’m Charlotte, a sophomore at MV and the Secretary-Treasurer of MVES this year. I joined this club in hopes to be a more active member of the growing sustainability movement these past few years. I hope that MVES is able to make our community more aware of current environmental issues and bring about change to protect our planet!

Amritha Ramachandran

Amritha PIC.png

Projects Coordinator

Hello! I’m Amritha, one of the Projects Coordinators for MVES this year. I joined this club because I enjoy environmental science and sustainability. One of my favorite parts about MVES is how we are making our campus more sustainable through education and advocacy. I’m excited to see what we do as a club this year! :)

Kaavya Ahuja

Kaavya Pic.png

Projects Coordinator

Hi! My name is Kaavya and I’m going to be one of the projects coordinators this year! I joined MVES because not only am I passionate about helping the environment, but I also love meeting other people who share the same interests as me. I’m very excited to work with everyone this year!

Anushka Kumaran

Anushka Pic.png

Events Coordinator

Hi! I’m Anushka, a sophomore and the events coordinator this year! I joined MVES because I am passionate about environmental science and hope to work with others to bring a change to our world. Through MVES I hope to inspire others to learn more about environmental science and to help solve environmental issues in our world today.

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